Want to know the secrets to succeeding with ADHD?

Things that will help you...

  • Create a more satisfying sexual relationship with your partner
  • Get unstuck and into action
  • Eliminate homework battles and enjoy your children
  • Tame that mess, to do list, boredom and procrastination
  • Leverage your creativity into productivity in life and business
  • Advocate for your adopted ADHD child or at risk teen

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The secret formula on ADHD and how to have great relationships, uncomplicated parenting, fulfilling career and overall happy life?

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Here are the Special Guests from this Year's Telesummit!

Dr. Billi Bittan

Laurie Dupar

Randy Kulman

Alan Brown

Lynne Edris

Roya Kravetz

Jeff Copper

Rick Green

Tara McGillicuddy

T.L. Criswell

DeAnn and Jared Jennette

Shelley Mitchell

Casey Dixon

Leslie Josel

Dana Rayburn

CoachRudy Rodriguez

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett

Elaine Taylor-Klaus/ Diane Dempster

Ari Tuckman

Robert Tudisco

Learn from the Telesummit presenters, how to:

  • Move beyond fear, get unstuck and into action
  • Identify the possibility of Autism along with the ADHD
  • Eliminate homework battles by learning tips tools and techniques for teaching your teen better time management
  • What is too much screen time and what's ok in this media manic world
  • Take care of yourself and make healthy choices
  • Manage time even if you think you are unmanageable
  • Tell the difference between ADHD behavior and trauma reactions in your adoptive child
  • Overcome ADHD-specific obstacles to a better sex life
  • Advocate for your ADHD child when everyone around you would rather ignore it
  • Turn your creativity into productivity and profitability
  • Adapt your parenting style to best meet the needs of your ADHD kids
  • Maintain a sense of order with ADHD friendly organization tips
  • Navigate the school disciplinary and juvenile justice systems so you can support and protect your ADHD child
  • Leverage your ADHD to go from struggle to success in your life and career
  • Become an ADHD or find an ADHD coach
  • And so much more!

A note from Laurie Dupar, your host...

Laurie DuparHi, Laurie Dupar here from CoachingforADHD.com and trust me when I say that I have been there! When my son was diagnosed with ADHD over 14 years ago, I didn’t know where to turn. Then I found ADHD Coaching and a community of support. Now, over a decade later, I am combining my experiece as a Nurse Practitioner with my passion for increasing the awareness of ADHD and coaching people to lead successful lives.  And my son, now 23, is proudly finishing his final deploy in our United States Navy and plans to attend college next fall pursuing a career in healthcare!

I can definitely say the key to my son’s success was the sharing of ideas and strategies that were essential to learning how to live with ADHD. We definitely could not have done it on our own! So, for the fifth year in a row, I am once again hosting the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit and I have invited some amazing colleagues to share their wealth of experience and ADHD wisdom with you.

I want to thank the speakers for generously giving their time and our community of sponsors who make this possible. Together they provide an incredible diversity of resources and I hope you will take the time to get to know them.

What You Will Learn...

Getting Unstuck: The Magic of Smart Self-Analysis

Presenter: Alan Brown of ADD Crusher™

Getting Unstuck: The Magic of Smart Self-Analysis offers an enlightening examination of the ways we get stuck, procrastinate or otherwise get locked out of productive choices…and provides disarmingly simple ways to unlock the door to right action, and to get UN-stuck.

Alan Brown, ADHD and productivity coach and creator of the award-winning ADD Crusher™ multi-media program for teens and adults, will give you a better understanding of inertia, irrational fear and impulsive “escapes” from what needs doing. Importantly, he will give you a powerful set of questions to pose when stuck or fearful, the answers to which we all hold within. He’ll then show how the answering of these questions frees us to begin and carry out intimidating tasks or projects.

Alan has gained a reputation for developing and sharing what are referred to as “brain hacks” or “mind hacks” – an emerging body of techniques that can increase one’s productivity and significantly improve day-to-day quality of life for individuals. As with all of Alan’s presentations, this is learn-it-today-do-it-tomorrow material, taught in a fun, interactive way that will be of value to ADHD teens, adults and even parents of a ADHD adolescents or young adults.

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When It Is More Than ADHD

Presenter: Roya Kravetz 

Research shows that up to 30% of children with ADHD may also be on the Autism Spectrum. Diagnosing both disorders can prove challenging, since both are developmental disorders that affect children in the areas of communication, social interaction, and behavior. Because of these similar features, this dual-diagnosis often goes undiagnosed and therefore untreated, which can lead to greater challenges for children and families. Studies tell us that children with this dual-diagnosis are at a greater risk for harmful or risky behaviors such as cutting and suicide. Therefore, it is imperative that practitioners understand the subtle nuances that indicate when a dual-diagnosis of ADHD and Autism is present in clients. The point is that ADHD treatment alone is not enough when there is a dual-diagnosis – ADHD and Autism must be treated together. In this presentation, participants will learn:

  • What to look for to identify the possibility of Autism disorder with ADHD clients
  • When and how to advise families to seek out this additional diagnosis
  • Ways to integrate treatment for Autism characteristics in your ADHD coaching
  • How to define successful treatment of the dual-diagnosis
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It’s 10:00PM: Have You Done Your Homework Yet?- Tips, Tools and Techniques for Teaching Your Teen Time Management

Presenter: Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos

Do you have a teenager who is a ‘last minute Lucy’ or ‘always late Alex?’ Leslie Josel, author of “What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management,” will share her secret sauce to get your teenager on the road to developing a time sense, "future awareness" and time management strategies. Parents, you will learn how to teach your teen to become proficient at time and project management and manage their daily schedules using planners and technology. She will also discuss specific time management tools and techniques specifically geared to teens (which are helpful no matter what age you are).

  • Learn how to help your teen create a “Personal Homework Profile” to better understand the best practices for your student to tackle homework.
  • Discover how to pick an appropriate paper or electronic academic planner and how to properly plan time.
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Why Your Kid with ADHD Should (or Should Not) Play Video Games

Presenter: Randy Kulman, Ph.D.

Kids with ADHD learn from video games. Dozens of studies describe how video games can improve certain executive functioning skills — including attention, cognitive flexibility, planning, and self-control as well as academic learning. Research also shows how kids with ADHD learn better from technology than they do in a traditional classroom. In fact some studies suggest greater improvements in reading and math when these skills are exercised through video games as opposed to traditional methods of teaching.

Video games also can improve social skills in children with ADHD. Video games are no longer the mostly-single player games of the 1980s and 90s. Current studies suggest that 70% of game play now involves other players — playing with or against them, locally or online, and, increasingly, spectating.

Parents and educators have observed how kids with ADHD love playing with video games and technology. While playing they are more attentive, display persistence and determination, and often seem happier than while engaged in other activities. While it is crucial that kids with ADHD play outside, exercise regularly and engage in hands on activities that capture their attention, it also make sense to get the most out of their digital play. This presentation will help you to understand the role of technology in the lives of kids with ADHD, how to optimize the benefits of digital media, and how to set limits on game and social media play.

  • Learn how to find the best video games for kids with ADHD
  • Understand why kids with ADHD love video games
  • Finally know the answer to is Minecraft good for kids with ADHD?
  • Learn 3 unbeatable strategies for limiting video game play
  • Discover how technology can help kids with ADHD at school
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The Importance of Effective Self-Care when you have ADD / ADHD

Presenter: Tara McGillicuddy of ADDClasses and ADHD Support Talk Radio

Self-Care is the most important strategy for Adults with ADD / ADHD. In this session, Tara McGilicuddy will discuss the importance of Self-Care for Adults with ADD/ ADHD. She will also discuss some of the challenges which can often get in the way to us making healthy choices and offer tips and strategies for better and lasting self-care.

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Time Management for Unmanageable People

Presenter: CoachRudy Rodriguez

People who are chronically disorganized or ADHD frequently report feelings of stress, frustration, overwhelm and anxiety from having so much to do. They often feel busy, but not productive. Effective time and organizational management is essential if you are to manage a busy workload at home or office without excessive stress. This fast paced and entertaining seminar is loaded with practical, easy to use strategies and tools to effectively manage time and organizational management and preserve sanity. During this presentation, learn:

  • Why people with ADHD are challenged with EVERTHING having to do with TIME
  • Essential tips to stay on track without distractions
  • Keys to effective ‘To Do’ lists
  • A trick to creating effective routines
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Adoption and ADHD: Three Keys to Calming the Storm

Presenter: Jared and DeAnn Jennette of Embrace Parent Coaching

Adoptive parents can tell you that ADHD and trauma reactions can look a lot a like. This can leave adoptive families unsure where to turn for the help they need. Jared and DeAnn Jennette have experienced this in their home and in working with families with adopted and ADHD children. In this session, you will learn to:

  • Ask the question: How do trauma and ADHD relate?
  • Understand empathy as the key to helping a child heal
  • Change the lens through which we view our role as parents
  • Utilize techniques to keep yourself calm when your child is melting down
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ADHD, Relationships, and Sex: Way Too Important to Ignore

Presenter: Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA

Couples, where one person has ADHD and one doesn’t, often have an overabundance of mundane matters of daily life to argue about, making the value of good sexual connection that much more important. The process of creating a better sex life sometimes involves discussing what you do in bed, but mostly involves working on what happens outside of bed. This process makes for a better relationship overall. In this session, we will discuss:

  • The many ways that ADHD impacts a couple’s sex life
  • How to overcome ADHD-specific obstacles to a better sex life (and all those other obstacles that every other couple wrestles with)
  • Trade secret: Why creating a better sex life makes you into a better person
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Creative? Yes! Productive? No.

Presenter: Rick Green of TotallyADD

A number of studies are confirming what people with ADHD have claimed for years: We are more creative.

So, if we are more creative, on average, the question arises, why aren’t we pouring out brilliant creative works in endless abundance? What prevents ADHD folks from using our ability to generate fabulous ideas to produce award-winning, world-changing, incredibly profitable results? Why do so many of your exciting ideas simply die on the vine, fizzling out, never amounting to anything more than a disappointing flash in the pan?

While some people may fear that understanding how their creativity works will ‘kill the magic’, comedian Rick Green suggests that knowing what’s going on allows you to take charge of your creativity. It is possible to turn it on when you need it. In this presentation, Rick will creatively cover:

  • What is creativity? Bust the myth that only artists and writers make their living with their creativity.
  • Three steps to generating breakthrough ideas.
  • The importance of structure — The advantage of a creative space, dedicated time, and a process that works for you.
  • 7 ways to overcome being 'blocked’.
  • Two insidious creativity killers--Perfectionism and Fear of Failure-- with simple mental shifts that allow you to quickly move forward.
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    Managing the Stress of Life Transitions

    Presenter: Jodi Sleeper-Triplett of JSTCoaching  

    In his seminal book, Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes, William Bridges provides insight into transitions. He points out that the “ending then beginning” phases in life can be challenging but encourages us to move forward, looking at a map, to see more clearly what lies ahead. Life transitions can be both energizing and stress-filled, especially for individuals with ADHD who are overworked, overwhelmed and disorganized. Coaches often act as the compass or the map, guiding clients forward with a better sense of what’s next. Adults with ADHD or those supporting loved ones with ADHD will learn how to handle tough transitions including downsizing, starting a family, going through a divorce, experiencing empty nest syndrome or providing care to aging relatives. These transitions are stressful and require good self-care and support.

    In this presentation, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett will provide strategies and tools to help you and your loved ones manage the stress of life transitions. You will learn how to:

    • Shift your questions and use “Noticing”
    • Practice self-care and deflect others’ stress away from yourself
    • Identify when executive functioning and ADHD issues are, and are not, impacting progress
    • Increase structure and tap into core values
    • Create a picture for the future
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    10 Simple Rules for ADHD-Friendly Organization!

    Presenter: Lynne Edris of Coaching ADDvantages 

    When we speak of someone who is “organized,” we’re often describing how they exude an overall sense that they “have it together" and they’re on top of things. Isn’t that the bigger picture kind of organization most of us want more of in our lives? But many of us know all too well that it’s impossible to “have it together” if you can’t find where you put it! Physical organization is a really crucial part of that bigger picture kind of organization. We need to have and maintain a sense of order and logic in our physical surroundings, in order to be able to function effectively and with less stress. Without physical organization, it’s virtually impossible to manage your time well, to be punctual, to be on top of what needs to be done and when. In this call, Lynne will explore how disorganization impacts us, and why those of us with ADHD so often struggle with organization.  Listeners will learn the 10 Simple Rules for ADHD-Friendly Organization so they can find ways to get organized that work for them, for good! 

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    NAVIGATING THE PERFECT STORM: When School Discipline and Criminal Prosecution Collide

    Presenter: Robert Tudisco, Esq.

    Students with ADHD and its co-occurring conditions are at a high risk of getting suspended from school due to behavioral or academic incidents and also run a statistically much higher rate of coming into contact with the juvenile and/or criminal justice systems. More often than not, these students face school suspension AND criminal prosecution at the same time which can be further magnified by public outcry, press coverage and community outrage. These factors can converge into a perfect storm and parents need to know how to navigate this storm and protect their children. The presentation will shed light on this process and provide guidance to parents in protecting their children from further exposure with practical tips such as GETTING YOUR CHILD OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE and USING the Disciplinary Process and the School’s Code of Conduct to your child’s advantage. The presentation will focus on the following points

    • Demystifying the disciplinary process and educating parents on the law with respect to students with IEPs & 504 Plans
    • Providing practical tips and strategies on protecting your child and minimizing their exposure
    • Functional usage of the process and the school’s code of conduct as a tool to protect your child.
    • The importance of coordinating a defense team, which includes your child’s mental health care provider along with a criminal defense attorney and education attorney
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    Taming Your Task List

    Presenter: Dana Rayburn

    Don't miss this interview if your task list is either nonexistent or so long it throws you into panic! We all know we need to use a task list, but try as we might, we don’t know how. These out of control lists of things we need to do sets us up for overwhelm and failure. Welcome to a new way of looking at your task list. Dana Rayburn is an ADHD coach and creator of the ADHD Time Mastery program. She's also an expert on practical ADHD time management and organizing techniques. In this presentation Dana will share her top secrets for taming your task list. Imagine having a realistic, helpful list you can finish each day! Come to this session prepared to learn:

    • The amazingly, simple habit that will keep you focused and on task each day
    • Why the most common task list recommendation you hear just doesn’t work for people with ADHD
    • A unique way of thinking about your task list so you can have a snowball's chance of completing what’s on it
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    My Journey with ADD: Denial or IGNORance Will Not Take Away a Mental Disability

    Presenter: T. L. Criswell, Author of The Peacemaker

    "As a young African American child who grew up in the early 1970’s, ADD/ADHD was something that wasn’t discussed, embraced or accepted amongst my community. If you had a behavioral problem, the cure was almost always a belt."

    When T.L. Criswell became a mother in 2004, she adopted that same mentality. Until her six-year-old nephew cried, “Auntie, help me. Something is wrong with me because I can’t help myself." T.L. shares her story of the trial and error, advocacy and parenting her two children diagnosed with ADHD.

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    ADHD is a GIFT! 10 Keys To Leveraging Your ADHD for Business SUCCESS (and Yes, Making More Money)

    Presenter: Shelley Mitchell of My Personal Business Coach

    There are many business owners, leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who have ADHD and work their butt off, but something always seems to get in the way of their getting things done or making the money they truly deserve. They have yet to discover the keys to leveraging their ADHD for business success. In this session, you will learn the 10 distinguishing differences (that are duplicatable, learnable, and implementable) between those who continue to STRUGGLE and those who are achieving SUCCESS and also making the money they deserve.

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    What Parenting Style Works Best for ADHD Kids?

    Presenter: Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster from ImpactADHD

    Parents tend to respond to the challenges of raising complex kids with some degree of stress and frustration. But what if you could respond just the way you REALLY want to? What if you could learn to be exactly the kind of parent your ADHD kids need most, so you can help them become independent and successful? In this presentation you’ll learn:

    • The 6 Parenting Styles that parents tend to use with ADHD kids
    • The single best Parenting Style that works best with ADHD kids
    • The surprisingly easy steps you can take to adapt your style to best meet the needs of your kids
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    ADHD Coaches Needed! How to Help Others with ADHD and Make a Difference

    Presenter: Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC, Owner- Coaching for ADHD

    ADHD coaching is a relatively new profession, yet despite many who have already become ADHD Coaches, there are still too few well trained coaches available to work with the large number of people that would benefit from working with a coach. If you've ever found yourself thinking about how to become an ADHD coach, or wondering if you have what it takes, you need to register for this call to find out:

    • What training and steps are needed to become a professional  ADHD coach
    • If you have what 99% of ADHD coaches have in common that makes them ideally suited to this profession
    • How you can help people, make a difference and change the way the world looks and people live with their ADHD so they don't have to suffer

    Join Laurie Dupar, senior certified ADHD coach, mentor, trainer and 12 year coaching veteran as she shares with you the paths to become an ADHD coach and what ADHD coaches have in common that might make this emerging profession an incredible fit for you!

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    Become the Chief Executive of Your Executive Functions

    Presenter: Dr. Billi Bittan of AttentionB

    It’s no secret that many successful entrepreneurs are diagnosed with ADHD. But how do they use their ADHD to their advantage? We may not all be entrepreneurs, but we can all use our ADHD as a useful and differentiated asset once we understand how to leverage it. The presentation will provide details to develop your own personal roadmap for success. We all define success in our own way, so once you have decided what success means to you, we will work to increase personal strengths and interests you already have to achieve the success you want in any realm of your life.

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    Driven by Boredom DIG_Jeff Pic

    Presenter: Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG of Dig Coaching Practice... Excavating the Aha! Daily

    Those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) refuse to be bored! So much so that it can often get them into trouble. While boredom is most often associated with a lack of arousal and motivation, surprisingly, there is no universally accepted definition of it. Given boredom’s close association with attention, it isn’t surprising that individuals with ADHD have a higher tendency for being bored.  Common ADHD challenges such as as impulsivity, distractibility, and procrastination can be ways that people try to free themselves from the uncomfortable possibility of being bored. For example, a man with ADHD who is bored might find himself picking a fight with his wife just to get a reaction. In this presentation we’ll take an in depth look at boredom, its impact on ADHD, common ways it manifests and how you can more effectively manage boredom when it rears its ugly head!

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    Your ADHD Road Trip --> Destination Mindfulness

    Presenter: Casey Dixon of Dixon Life Coaching

    Everywhere you look these days people are talking about mindfulness and now the mindfulness craze has caught on for ADHD too! But does it really work? What is the secret for how to get started and stick with a mindfulness habit if you have ADHD? Whether you are thinking mindfulness might simply be impossible for you, or you are ready to join the craze, travel with us on our ADHD Road Trip to learn:

    • Surprising results of research into mindfulness treatment for ADHD
    • Tips for ADHD-informed mindfulness best practices
    • How to create a custom practice and get started using our Road Trip guidelines
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