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Laurie DuparDiscover real-life ways to succeed in academics, work, finances, parenting, relationships and your personal life while living with ADHD

Laurie DuparUnderstand how your ADHD brain works with topics on ADHD medications, inattentiveness and play

Laurie DuparLearn how to minimize your challenges and maximize your strengths with ADHD friendly apps, ways to quiet the ADHD mind, etc.

Succeeding with ADHD is absolutely possible!

If you are tired of struggling, living in chaos, not living up to your potential, this information is for you.

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Listen in from the comfort of your own home or work as over 17 ADHD experts join Laurie Dupar, trained psychiatric nurse practitioner and certified ADHD coach, as they share their personal stories and offer their best strategies for succeeding with ADHD. (Learn more about our experts here.)

Our Experts:


    Carol Gignoux          Linda Roggli           Dr. Billi Bittan    Elaine Taylor Klaus / Diane Dempster    Barbara Luther

abigialwurfJayCarter_2011Sarah-n-Robert-retouch-w-bckgrnd rpam 2 150x150

       Abigail Wurf              Jay Carter          Drs. Sarah Ferman / Robert Wilford       Pamela Milazzo

 DavidGiwerccharlesparkertaramcgillicuddy Laurie Dupar Jane_DD3P5207 copyjillcassone

      David Giwerc                 Dr. Charles Parker     Tara McGillicuddy    Laurie Dupar      Jane Massengill    Jill Cassone

Your Host:
laurie-photoHi, Laurie Dupar here from CoachingforADHD.com and trust me when I say that I have been there! When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, we didn’t know where to turn. Then we found ADHD Coaching and a community of support. Now, over a decade later, I am coaching people with ADHD to lead successful lives and my son is proudly serving in our United States Navy!

I can definitely say the key to my son’s success was the sharing of ideas and strategies, successes and failures that were essential to learning how to live with ADHD. We definitely could not have done it on our own!  So, for the third year in a row, I once again hosted the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit and I invited some amazing colleagues to share their wealth of experience and ADHD wisdom with you.

I want to thank the speakers for generously giving their time and our community of sponsors who make this possible.  Together they provided an incredible diversity of resources.  I encourage you to click on their logos below to find out more!

Our Sponsors:

FFE Coaching and Consulting for Success in an ADHD WorldADD2S-logosail-2cc ADHD COUPLES SUCCESS wilford ferman logo for ebookXLR8 Success logo

  Roxanne Fouche             Ann Miller                  Pamela Milazzo   Drs. Sarah Ferman / Robert Wilford   Kelly Wheeler


  Elaine Taylor-Klaus / Diane Dempster                     Tracey Goodwin / Holly Oberacker

AttentionB TMlogoAimeeGreenLogo

                                      Dr. Billi Bittan                                                                          Aimee Green

Here’s What You’ll Learn:


  • How to save money, spend wisely and make better financial decisions
  • How to reconnect with your playful mindset, reduce the challenges, and enjoy your life
  • About appreciating the “inattentive” in ADHD
  • Why knowing about your executive functions can help you better manage your ADHD
  • The most current technology and specific ADHD friendly apps to meet your needs
  • The importance of  taking the focus OFF blame and how to move your relationship toward loving and effective communication
  • 5 Steps to Educational Success for Students with ADHD or Asperger’s
  • How to develop a greater understanding of your own ADHD, its paradoxes and ways to powerfully support a loved one who has it
  • How to make use of your natural talents and tap into your ADHD gifts to create or enhance a successful business
  • How everyday reality works with brain science to provide common sense medical solutions for ADHD medication effectiveness
  • The secrets to getting unstuck and becoming more productive, focused and successful
  • How to minimize the inevitable divide between parent and teen, reducing conflicts in parent-teen interactions when providing interventions or strategies
  • How to get your hands on even MORE valuable tips and strategies from the world’s leading ADHD coaches and experts
  • And much more…


Carol Gignoux, Founder and President of Live ADHD Free

ADHD and Money: The Buck STARTS Here

Many people with ADHD have difficulty managing their money. Adhering to a system of healthy spending and saving requires organization and impulse control, which pose problems for people with this brain type. Add to that self limiting beliefs and a complex emotional relationship with money, and it can be nearly impossible to make good financial decisions. In this presentation you will learn how to free yourself from false money beliefs and begin managing your money successfully.

lindaroggli273Linda Roggli 

I Have WHAT? The User’s Guide to Later-Life ADHD Diagnosis

Older adults with ADHD are stunned, then relieved by their diagnosis.  But what are the practical ramifications of discovering your ADHD at age 50, 60 and beyond?  There is a sense of urgency among older ADHD adults that is absent in younger adults; so much time has been ‘wasted’ without treatment.  There are special concerns about medications for older adults, and the lack of research about late life diagnoses reflects the scientific community’s discomfort with distinguishing between ADHD and those “senior moments.”  This session turns a magnifying glass on the newest (and most surprised) members of the ADHD adult population: seniors.  It offers information and practical advice for coping with ADHD while wearing bifocals!



Dr. Billi, Ph.D., Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral and Expressive Arts Therapist, ADHD Coach, Author and Speaker

The Leverage ADHD System™  – Turning Symptoms into Assets

Navigating the vast array of ADHD coaching strategies and techniques can be overwhelming for people with ADHD. Having too many choices can leave many of us running in circles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline your ADHD management plan?

Dr. Billi will explain how the LEVERAGE ADHD system™ does that for you. Using the uplifting and easy-to-remember acronym of LEVERAGE, this powerful self-coaching tool breaks down ADHD management into 8 efficient stages consisting of Learn, Evaluate, Validate, Express, Reframe, Act, Grow, and Explore.  It is designed to help you discover the power of your own internal motivations, reframe any negative associations or stigmas you may have of ADHD, transform your ADHD symptoms into valuable assets, and leverage your individual strengths and interests to your fullest ADDvantage.

ImpactADHDElaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster, Co-Founders of ImpactADHD

Parents Make the Difference: Your Role in Managing ADHD

Do you want to help your kids be more successful, but you’re not sure how? As a parent, you can make all the difference and help your child to thrive. Join Parent Coaches & ADHD Experts, Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster, and learn the difference that a coach-approach to parenting can make. In this teleclass, find out: • How the 6 challenge areas of ADHD show up in your family • 4 key tools to use in any situation • Strategies for stress management • And new ways to help you help your kids!

BarbaraLutherBarbara Luther, MCAC, MCC, President, Professional Association of ADHD Coaches, Director of Training, The ADD Coach Academy

We Are Inattentive! Isn’t It Wonderful?!

Too often we spend our time bemoaning our Inattentive brain wiring rather than exploring where it benefits us and helps us enjoy life. Barbara’s Inattentiveness saved her life a few times growing up, and it certainly helps shape who she is and how she looks at the world. In this session, you will explore Inattentive qualities you haven’t been appreciating and learn where your Inattentiveness can make you a star.


abigialwurfAbigail Wurf, M.Ed, CLC, Coaching Adults, Couples and Parents Affected by ADHD

Navigating Your World: Executive Functions and ADHD

Executive function skills (productivity, memory, time management, etc) are what help you navigate through the world.  A greater understanding of executive functions will increase your understanding of ADHD and how you interact with the world.  This presentation will give you an overview of what executive functions are and why they are important to know about and help you recognize what you can work on to improve how you work within your world!

JayCarter_2011Jay Carter, ADHD Coach and Host of the ADHD Weekly Podcast

The ADHD Guide to Technology

Technology can be a game changer for many of us with ADHD. For instance, symptoms connected with remembering appointments can practically disappear when we use a good mobile calendar. The challenge is how to find the applications that meet your needs among the millions of applications available to us. The Apple app store alone has more than 900,000 applications. Coach Jay will teach you how to identify applications that are ADHD friendly and which apps you can count on being around in the future. You’ll also learn which categories of applications should be a part of your personal ADHD technology arsenal. We’ll also discuss specific applications and what they have that sets them apart. You’ll walk away from this session with some specific actions to implement in your own technology journey.

Sarah-n-Robert-retouch-w-bckgrnd rSarah A. Ferman, Psy.D., L.M.F.T.  and Robert M. Wilford, Ph.D., Co-Founders of ADHD Couples  Success

Giving Your ADHD Relationship a Reboot: Doing it Different to Get Different Results

If you have ever dreamed of being heard, understood, and working together with your partner to accomplish great things, then this is a session you don’t want to miss. Get step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to reduce your relationship stress and reconnect with each other in a loving, focused, and respectful way.

Drs. Ferman and Wilford will share first hand insights, practical advice, and proven strategies that will help you learn how to approach the difficult subject of keeping agreements, being accountable and staying focused on the outcome and not on the emotions of day-to-day slip ups. You will learn how to: • Grow appreciation and respect in your relationship • Communicate in a whole new way • Focus on the behavior – not on the person • Build teamwork and cooperation with your partner • Create concrete solutions for the issue at hand • AND get back that loving feeling!

Finally, learn easy tools to take the focus OFF blame and disrespect and move your relationship toward loving and effective communication that actually gets results. Discover how this unique approach can easily Reboot your ADHD relationship and reconnect you both as a loving couple again.

pam 2 150x150Pam Milazzo, JD, BS in Education, ACG, Founder of SAIL Institute

5 Steps to Educational Success for Students with ADHD

The quest for solutions to an ADHD student’s challenges takes a toll on a parent’s health, relationships, career, and dreams for their life! In this presentation, Pam will introduce you to the 5 steps that will take ADHD students from underachievers to star performers. Miss any one of them, and parents risk delaying their child’s success and putting their own life on hold for years! It’s heartbreaking, but true…despite numerous tests, expert reports, educational supports and tutors, most students continue to struggle because their parents don’t truly understand what their child needs or how to help them. Many parents spend significant sums of money and countless hours – oftentimes years – searching for answers, to no avail. The good news is…it doesn’t have to be that way!

5 Steps to Educational Success for Students with ADHD or Asperger’s is an innovative plan that has produced results that are nothing short of life changing for the literally hundreds of families Pam has worked with over the years. Stress levels are reduced…significantly! Relationships are healed and strengthened! Life no longer revolves around “What’s wrong?” and “How do we fix this?” And, students and parents alike are able to realize the dreams they have for their lives! Struggle and despair are not pre-ordained! 5 Steps to Educational Success for Students with ADHD or Asperger’s will give you the framework to make powerful shifts immediately.

MoreWays3DBookCroppedMore Ways to Succeed with ADHD Contributors

The ADHD Awareness Book Project 2013

Join Laurie Dupar and her fellow contributors of the soon to be released book, More Ways to Succeed With ADHD. Combining countless years of experience designing effective strategies to better manage ADHD, this group of experts from all over the world will share with listeners some of their top strategies for succeeding with ADHD!

Join us live to discover how you can get your hands on even more valuable tips and strategies from the world’s leading ADHD coaches and experts!

DavidGiwercDavid Giwerc, Founder/President, ADD Coach Academy, MCAC,MCC, BCC

A Future Vision: A Neuro-Diverse World of Understanding and Acceptance of Unique Possibilities for Individuals with ADHD

ADHD is a paradox of opposite abilities and behaviors that resonate at more intense levels than in those who do not have ADHD. A paradox is the coexistence of seemingly contradictory qualities or phases. For example, it seems paradoxical that a teenager who can focus hard enough to catch a baseball hurled at 80 m.p.h. might also be unable to pay attention to a math teacher – when the first activity requires superior, intense concentration while the latter requires moderate focus. Or why a father might be able to focus on teaching his kid to ride a bike, but when it comes to remembering to accomplish a list of house chores, he can’t seem to find the momentum and therefore leaves everything half-finished. When these kinds of paradoxes occur with ADHD individuals, they are usually judged as careless, lazy, lacking motivation or many other negative labels that are too often attached to individuals with ADHD (mostly by people who are ignorant about ADHD and how and why this paradox occurs).

During the this conversation, David Giwerc will provide you with validated science and sources for multiple success stories behind the ADHD paradox of strengths and weaknesses. He will share with you how to develop a greater understanding of your own ADHD and how to powerfully support a loved one who has it.

Just imagine, if you could understand your ADHD, so well, you could explain it to others so they could understand it the way you do. Rather than the judgment, so often the result of ignorance about ADHD, your communication efforts could result in creating a more compassionate, understanding and supportive community for individuals with ADHD. In such a community, people with ADHD could truly shine and bring their unique strengths to bear!

charlesparkerDr Charles Parker, Child and Adult Psychiatrist and Neuroscience Consultant

How Reality Changes the ADHD Medication Rules

Many still want to know *Why* we have all of these various medication problems. In *How Reality Changes the ADHD Medication Rules* we start with *Why,* then move carefully into *How* to use these insights, and, in closing, tell participants exactly *What* to do next to improve their medical care. You will walk away with an understanding how everyday reality does work with brain science to provide common sense medial solutions for ADHD medication effectiveness.

taramcgillicuddyTara McGillicuddy, ADHD Coach and host of ADHD Support Talk Radio

Secrets to Productivity, Focus and Success for Adults with ADD / ADHD

Ever wonder why some adults with ADD / ADHD are very successful while far too many others get stuck and flounder? Why some adults with ADD / ADHD are able to conquer their To-Do Lists and for others, it keeps multiplying? Or how some adults with ADD / ADHD are able to stay on task, but others keep getting distracted? In this session, Tara McGillicuddy will be answering these important questions and more. She will discuss what gets in your way, what holds you back and then will share the secrets to becoming more productive, focused and successful! If you are an adult with ADD / ADHD or love someone who is, you will want to be a part of this discussion!

Laurie DuparLaurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD, Trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Certified ADHD Coach, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Unlock the Secrets to Your Entrepreneurial (ADHD) Brain Style

Did you know that people with ADHD are 300% more likely to be entrepreneurs? In fact there are so many similarities between entrepreneurs and those with an ADHD brain style that Laurie coined the phrase “entrepreneurial brain style”©. Both can struggle with getting things done, prioritization, time management, staying focused, distractability of too many ideas, etc.  However, just as with ADHD, those with an entrepreneurial brain style© have innate strengths that they already have but may not be tapping into that can help them experience the business of their dreams and even have fun in the process. Laurie Dupar, nurse practitioner, professionally certified coach, and entrepreneur will share with you over 23 innate strengths of your entrepreneurial brain style© and which five can have you enjoying the balance, fulfillment and satisfaction of being an ADHD entrepreneur…you just have to unlock the secrets!

Jane_DD3P5207 copyJane Massengill, LCSW, MCC, Owner at Dream Achievement Coaching and Director of The Gremlin-Taming Institute

Three Steps to Taming Your Gremlin® and Being Your Best Self

Tired of beating yourself up with your internal dialog?  Do you sometimes want to tell yourself to stuff a sock in it?!  Then go ahead!  Come pick up a few beginner’s tips on the practice of Gremlin-Taming®, a method for quieting the internal noise that so often goes along with having ADHD.  You will learn a specific tool for gaining control over your internal chatter and for finding that sense of inner peace which we are all seeking, leaving you with a clear mind to focus on whatever you choose.

jillcassoneJill D. Cassone, Founder of Success4School, Educational Diagnostician & Executive Skills Coach

Ten Principles for Improving Your Teen’s Executive Skills & Motivating Them to Do So

Have a teen who is scattered, disorganized, unfocused, or struggling? The reason may be weak executive skills. Students with ADD struggle with many challenges in executive functioning which on the surface may just seem like teen strife. If you have a teen at home or want to help someone who does, this presentation will minimize the inevitable divide between parent and teen; reducing conflicts in parent-teen interactions when providing interventions or strategies. By learning the 10 principles to improving your teen’s executive skills, parents and coaches alike can motivate the teen to develop strategies that take into account the unique circumstances and characteristics at play. These principles serve as a guide to helping teens with weak executive skills so they can learn to take ownership of and manage their life in all areas.


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NEW_LiveADHDFree_logo copy Carol Gignoux of Live Free ADHD

Does saving money, budgeting or money leave you overwhelmed and feeling like a failure?

This ebook delves into the nitty gritty of common financial woes, with strategies tailored to those with the ADHD brain type. Universal situations like balancing income and expenses, taxes, and shopping are dealt with, along with popular topics like saving for college, paying for a wedding and more. Take the fear factor out of these money issues and work towards financial stability today.

Money Management in Action: Step-by-Step Tips for Common Financial Dilemmas

Free Ebook ($14.95 value)


Linda Roggli of ADDiva

ADHD adults are infamous for their clutter; it seeps into corners, onto countertops, dining tables and office floors. There is a light at the end of the tunnel (created by piles, of course). This webinar takes a lighthearted approach to clutter and knocks it down to size using exclusively ADHD-friendly techniques. Linda debunks the traditional wisdom that clutter IS the problem; in fact, the problem is multi-headed: it’s about decisions, equipment, time and focus. This lively webinar offers practical ideas that can be implemented NOW. And you’ll take away a solid list of tried and true resources that work for ADHD adults as they tackle their clutter!

“Labels, Containers and Files – Oh My! The practical guide to getting organized and staying that way”

Webinar download & July 2013-June 2014 calendar
(for ADHD folks who have already lost their 2013 calendars!) ($47 value)

Billi Bittan Mastering cover

Dr. Billi Bittan of AttentionB

In today’s world, success in an art form. You must continue to broaden your knowledge base to keep up with the latest trends, strategies, and ideas to master the art of success. The authors featured in this book (Dr. Billi Bittan, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and more) were chosen to help you create winning habits and acquire the vital information you need to stay competitive. Reading what these authors have to say will turn your unproductive hours into time well spent and you will pick up vital new skills. You will learn how to make smarter decisions and learn what works and what doesn’t. Each chapter is like a mini coaching session to help you achieve your personal and organizational goals. Remember: you are the designer of your life. You have the power to unlock your potential and Mastering the Art of Success will show you how.

Mastering the Art of Success

Free Book ($19.95 value)


Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD

Most parents want to help their kids, but don’t have the tools they need to get started. ADHD in Reality was designed by parents, for parents as an easy to digest resource that takes parents from where ever they are on the ADHD journey to the next level. In this book you will discover: – ADHD Basics – 6 Aspects of Executive Function – What it’s REALLY Like to Live in an ADHD home – 5 steps to Effective Management – The Importance of Using Acceptance and Humor.

ADHD in Reality – a Guide for Parents by Parents

Free Ebook ($15 value)


Abigail Wurf, ADHD Coach

Want to navigate your world better?

Understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interacting with the world?

Executive functions are the skills that help you do that. They include planning, prioritizing, goal setting, time management, task initiation, emotional dysregulation, focus, meta-cognition, working memory, self inhibition and flexibility/shift. Some of those skills sound familiar and some may not.

That is where Abigail Wurf’s Executive Function Questionnaire and Report come in.

Filling out the Executive Function Questionnaire will help you learn about the issues you may have with some of these important skills. You will receive an evaluation that helps you understand what the functions are and which functions you may be weak in. Knowing this will enable you to navigate the world a little better.

For the first 15 people who respond to the questionnaire, Abigail will provide a telephone consultation regarding the results which will strengthen your responses to life situations.

Executive Functions Questionnaire and Report (with free consultation for first 15)

Free Questionnaire (and follow up consultation for first 15) ($150 Value)


Jay Carter of Hyperfocused Coaching

Those of us with ADHD can spend a lot of time struggling or even sometimes agonizing over technology. For others of us, it’s extremely cool and we love it. For all of us, what’s important and helpful is to zero in on the applications that can best help us accomplish the goals that we have. This eBook will be a great tool for discovering new applications, learning which applications are helpful and even some to stay away from. You’ll learn some important tips on how to create your personal application portfolio. Jay Carter has an extensive background in technology as well as a strong personal understanding of how ADHD can manifest in our lives. He’s is uniquely qualified to be our ADHD Guide to Technology!

The ADHD Guide to Technology

Free Ebook ($25 Value)

cc ADHD COUPLES SUCCESS wilford ferman logo for ebook

Drs. Sarah Ferman and Robert Wilford of ADHD Couples Success

Imagine your own private couple’s Rebooting Session – two ADHD Couples Experts guiding you step-by-step through this experience and all in the comfort of your own home, on your own time. The ADHD Relationship Rebooting Starter Kit is a collection of bonuses designed to give you everything you will need to experience your own Relationship Reboot first hand.

Included in this FREE ADHD Relationship Rebooting Starter Kit:

A) The ADHD Couples Warm-Up Video for the New ADHD Reboot Approach: Preparing For The Reboot. This quick and clever video prepares both members of the couple to be open and ready to use this new technique.

B) Your own personal Virtual Couples Reboot Session. Experience for yourselves your own guided COUPLES REBOOT SESSION AUDIO where Dr. Ferman and Dr. Wilford literally take you through the actual experience of how to communicate differently with each other. It’s like you were sitting in our office, with the convenience and comfort of your own home.

C) The ADHD Couples Reboot Session Instruction Guide – this printed guide, walks you through every step of the initial ADHD Reboot Process. You won’t have to worry about “not getting it right” since you and your partner will each have their own guided script, and actual examples for you to review at your own pace.

Your Bonus includes everything you need to actually start your ADHD Relationship Reboot tonight in the comfort of your own home.

ADHD Relationship Rebooting Starter Kit

Free audio and video ($397 value)


David Giwerc of ADDCA

Have you heard about ADHD Coaching and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and wondered how these treatment options can be beneficial to adults with ADHD?

This presentation represents the first public dialogue between two leaders in the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and ADHD Coaching – Russell Ramsey, an internationally renowned CBT clinician and co-founder and co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program, and David Giwerc, a Master Certified ADHD Coach, MCAC and Founder/President of the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA).

Watch and listen as these two dedicated, dynamic professionals co-present in a lively discussion about the similarities and differences between their respective fields, and how they can work together to provide great benefits for adults with ADHD.

The Difference between CBT and ADHD Coaching

Free Video ($75 Value)


Dr. Charles Parker

While the public clearly recognizes significant problems with ADHD medications, from dosing, to metabolic challenges, to side effects, – even to ADHD diagnosis in the first place. This handy Special Report outlines common sense observations that everyone should use for correctly using ADHD meds.

Predictable Solutions For ADHD Meds

Free EReport ($14 Value)


Tara McGillicuddy of ADHD Support Talk Radio

Are you always running late or misjudging how long it takes to do something? Or do you find there’s never enough time in your day?

During this 1 hour Teleseminar recording, Adult / ADHD Experts Laura Rolands and Tara McGillicuddy Answer Time Management questions from Adult with ADD / ADHD.

Time Management Answers for Adults with ADD / ADHD

Free Audio Download ($47 Value)


Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD

Discover the innate “Success Secrets” of Entrepreneurs that can help you thrive in your business — by taking full advantage of personality traits you already have!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart; it takes a certain “type” of person to succeed and conquer the inherent risks and challenges that go along with starting and maintaining a profitable business. Luckily for them, entrepreneurs possess innate traits or an “entrepreneurial brain style” that can foster success once you learn how to make the most of it.

If you are an entrepreneur, Unlock the Secrets to Your Entrepreneurial Brain Style will help you maximize those innate personality traits and brain functioning to help you thrive!

Unlock the Secrets to Your Entrepreneurial Brain Style

Free Ebook ($15.95 value)

Jane_DD3P5207 copy

Jane Massengill of The Gremlin-Taming Institute

“My Gremlin” is a catchy four-minute song geared towards kids and their parents to help them keep the conversation alive about taming gremlins. It was written by John Mahon, percussionist in the Elton John Band (who happens to be Jane Massengill’s brother). John was intrigued by Rick Carson’s book, “Taming Your Gremlin” and was inspired to help kids find a way to talk about taming that little monster of the mind, aka “gremlin”. As a gifted songwriter and musician, it was easy for him to come up with this fun little song that has helped hundreds of kids be more confident.

“My Gremlin: A Tune for Taming” by John Mahon,
percussionist in the Elton John Band

Free audio download of solo mp3 song ($2 value)


Jill Cassone of Success4School

Do you have an ADHD student that struggles with studying?

Daily Bread is a series of brain based study skill lessons for students with ADHD that takes a cognitive approach to studying created specifically for the unique neurobiology of the ADD Student. This video lesson is completely hands on and provides not only instruction but an activity which will ensure students understand what studying actually means and how to do it effectively with their ADD Brain.

“Daily Bread” or Parent Coaching Session

Free Video or 30 Minute Coaching Session – Your Choice! ($149 or $125 Value)

Don’t miss out on owning all this valuable information and bonuses that will help you Succeed with ADHD:


Thanks for inviting us to participate in The Succeed with ADHD Telesummit in 2013! It was a great decision for us to participate, and we enjoyed it, too!  Building business collaboratively is just more fun than the old-fashioned way.  We got great ideas by seeing what other experts are up to, shared our information with a broader audience, and gained new loyal fans and clients all at the same time. Truly, thanks for the opportunity. Wouldn’t miss it in the future!” @ ImpactADHD
Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD