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What Other People Have Said about this Telesummit

I just want to let you know that you have done a beautiful thing by putting on this Telesummit. The wealth of information, the sharing of experiences and expertise has been second to none. I had no intention of purchasing the Success Kit because I was going to keep up with listening to the presentations. However they have been so excellent that I don’t want to miss the bonuses, and I want to re-listen to some of the presentations. So hooray, I purchased the Success Kit. What a gift you have given us.

A.S., 2015 Telesummit Listener

 As I have listened to the speakers it has been like looking into a mirror. The sessions have helped me to see myself with new grace . . . not as a failure, but as a person who has for so many years done remarkably well. AND, I’ve been given hope – I CAN make the shifts necessary to continue to do well.

L.G., 2012 Telesummit Listener

Bonuses You Get With the ADHD Success Kit

    Top Six Secrets of Successful ADHD Couples

    Carol Gignoux of Live ADHD Free

    Find answers to the common challenges faced by couples where one or both partners have ADHD. Learn what techniques and strategies successful couples with ADHD use to keep their relationship healthy and on track!

    (Ebook: Value $16.99)

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    Understanding Treatment Failure & The Relevance of Methylation Imbalances

    Dr. Charles Parker

    Spend an hour with Dr.William J. Walsh, Ph.D., FACN, president of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute, and learn how molecular measures are changing the rules of the diagnostic and treatment game.


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     Five Things You’re Doing Every Day that Make Your ADHD Worse!

    Alan Brown of Crusher™TV

    There are many things we ADHDers do TO ourselves – or don’t do FOR ourselves – that make our ADHD worse, or just seem worse, but this free eBook shares five things we do to sabotage ourselves, and then shows how to fix them.

    (Ebook: Value $9.99)

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    Inside an ADHD Mind

    Rick Green of TotallyADD

    In this full-length audio created for PBS, writer/comedian Rick Green shares stories of his own experiences with ADHD and what he’s learned from interviewing scores of specialists, experts, and regular adults who have this mindset.

    (Audio: Value $9.99)

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     Push Past Procrastination Webinar

    Lynne Edris, ACG of Coaching ADDvantages

    Reclaim your time, reclaim your energy, and reclaim your life when you learn why you struggle with follow-through, and get the tools you need to help you learn how to Push Past Procrastination -- for good!

    (Webinar: Value $97)

    Get the ADHD Success Kit Here

    Taking Charge of Homework

    Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M.

    These templates on effective Homework management will help you and your student take a top-down approach to managing homework.


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    A Creative Journey: Four-Stages to Leveraging Your ADHD to Your ADDvantage

    Dr. Billi Bittan of AttentionB 

    This package includes a free expressive arts workbook and a 20-min strategy session, with me, to help you understand how to better leverage your strengths to your ADDvantage.

    (Workbook and Strategy Session: Value $150)

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    Webinar and Resource Guide

    Tara McGillicuddy, SCAC of ADDClasses and ADHD Support Talk Radio

    This is a 2 hour downloadable mp3 webinar and PDF Resource guide with answers to the some of most common questions about Adult ADHD.

    (Webinar and PDF Resource Guide: Value $77)

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     Your ADHD Memory Mastery Kit

    Dr. Kari Miller, PhD, BCET

    Join Dr. Kari for a fun, interactive video excursion through memory land where you'll learn and practice the most powerful and effective memory strategies on the planet!

    (Video: Value $47)

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    ADHD Parent Manual Video

    Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of Impact ADHD 

    The ADHD Parent Manual Video provides step-by-step operating instructions to become the calm and confident parent you want to be while raising complex kids. In this 25 minute video you’ll learn a simple Parent Management system, a clear process to tackle any challenging situation — one issue at a time.


    Get the ADHD Success Kit Now

    Save 10% and When You Become a Member of ADDA

    Caroline Maguire and Duane Gordon of ADDA

    Receive your 10% discount on an ADDA membership...and then save even more as an ADDA member when you register to attend the International Conference on ADHD in Atlanta this November!

     (Membership discount: Value 10% Off)

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    Special Report: The ADHD Hormone Connection

    Linda Roggli of ADDiva

    Wondering if your ADHD and your hormones are plotting against you? This Special Report explains the connection and the potential solutions in simple, easy-to-understand language with illustrations and pithy quotes and comments!

    (Report: Value $15)

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    Emotional Communication Technique

    Samantha Moe

    Samantha Moe, M.A. SLP of Mad2Glad Parent Coaching

    Emotional communication is a technique parents can use with their children to enhance connection and the sense of being “felt,” heard, and understood.

     (Activity: Value $25)

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     Clutter Crusher Toolkit

    Terry MatlenTerry Matlen, MSW, ACSW

    The Clutter Crusher Toolkit is designed to help you tackle every day clutter.
    Take Control of Your Home, One Room at a Time.

    (Toolkit: Value $19.99)

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     ADHD & Eating Disorders: Next Steps

    Sarah Hammond and Robin Livingston-Richter

    Suggestions and inspiration for people with ADHD and food issues and for people with Eating Disorders who may have ADHD.

    (eBook: Value $9.99)

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     14 Life-Changing Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About ADHD EBook


    Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD and IACTCenter

    Senior Certified ADHD Coach and trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, speaker, author and trainer, Laurie Dupar, responds to questions about diagnosis, testing, treatment, medication and addiction, ADHD and intelligence, outgrowing ADHD, navigating the treatment maze, best jobs for people with ADHD and much more!

    (eBook Value: $9.99)

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    One Month Free Membership to MindfullyADD

    Casey Dixon of Dixon Life Coaching 

    You will receive a free, month-long membership to MindfullyADD, a membership website that focuses on mindfulness for ADHD with inspirational articles, research reviews, presentations, and how to’s, plus over 40 ADHD-friendly, guided mindfulness practices for you to choose from.

    (Month Membership: Value $9.99)

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    ShAmeDHD Slide Show

    Evan Kirstein of Progressive Growth Coaching

    Learn to forgive, forget and move forward for yourself by understanding your feelings in this 60+ slide show.

     (Slideshow: Value $25)

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    Set Yourself Up for Success with ADHD-Friendly Goal Setting

    Roxanne Fouché of Focus for Effectiveness

    This article discusses how to avoid common mistakes in designing your plans so you can set, and achieve, ADHD-friendly goals.

    (Article: Value $12)

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    Know the Risks: ADHD and Driving

    Ann Shanahan and Gayle Sweeney of Behind the Wheel with ADHD

    Power Point Slides on risks associated with ADHD and Driving.

    (Slides: Value $25)

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    What Other People Have Said about the Telesummit

    Thank you VERY MUCH for this summit. Having not been properly diagnosed until 2015, at the age of 59, I grieved for the person I was who didn't know 'what was wrong with her'. Yes, I wish I had known a long time ago and live life over again, but such is not my destiny (or anyone else's!). Bless you for all the information I will get from your summit.

    M.S., 2016 Telesummit Listener, Canada

    Thank you, for setting up this Telesummit! I have enjoyed listening to many of the speakers, and I've learned a great deal. What a blessing this has been!! I am a special ed teacher for 6th, 7th. and 8th graders, and many of my students , as well as myself,  have  been diagnosed with either  ADD or ADHD. I love being able to help them understand themselves better, accomplish more, and like themselves more. Thank you so very much! 

    C.I., 2015 Telesummit Listener

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    How is this free?

    Because each of us are committed to delivering as much support as we can to members of the ADHD community, we’re inviting you to join us FREE of charge. No strings, no catch. You can listen to each of the calls FREE at the call time, and access the replays for 24 hours after the live call. We want everyone to succeed with ADHD!


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