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  • Want to purchase the BONUS ADHD Success Kit?
  • Missed a call?

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Email Meg at Support@CoachingforADHD.com or
Call Shaun at (916) 622-1952.  
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Troubleshooting the Replay Access

First, check the browser you are using to play the replay. Firefox or Chrome is the best browser to use with this system. If you don't have these browsers on your computer, you can get a free and easy download and updates here:



Neither Safari nor Internet Explorer supports web real time communications natively. Internet Explorer, especially older versions, has known issues accessing live or recorded events. Try updating to the latest version from the Tools > Windows Update menu, or switch to compatibility view, which you can do from the Tools > Compatibility View menu.

If this doesn't work, try and update your flash player:


Once that is up to date, it may simply take a page reload or a browser restart to get the page to work correctly.

Beyond that, it could also be a problem with the computer itself, as various anti-virus, anti-spyware software, and browser plugins or toolbars can be a bit overprotective, or a problem with the internet connection, since certain proxy and firewall settings can cause issues. We recommend disabling any additional software you may have installed and trying the page again.

Not Getting Our Emails?

We will be sending out daily emails with reminders of the calls and links to the replay access.

Please make sure you add 'support@coachingforadhd.com' to your address book or email list so our emails don't end up in spam.

Check your spam or Promotions folder (if you use gmail). They may have arrived there.

Want to Purchase the ADHD Success Kit?

If you have missed any of the calls/replays or want to listen to them again, the ADHD Success Kit can be purchased at any time via this webpage:http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-gift-icon-image27551217


Missed a Call?

No worries! We have set up a replay audio link that you can have access to for 24 hours after the end of the call if you register for the telesummit! The link will be sent to you via email once the call is over. We will also be placing the replay link on the live call pages after the call is over.

And if you have missed any of the calls/replays that have already taken place, the ADHD Success Kit can be purchased at any time via this webpage:


You will have immediate access to all the calls you have missed and can listen to them again and again whenever and wherever you like!

Think you might miss a speaker?

Get the ADHD Success Kit