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Schedule of Telesummit

Monday, July 17, 2017

9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern        Carol Gignoux - “Your Innovator Brain – The Truth About ADHD”

12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern        Dr. Charles Parker –"Insights for Change In Mind Science: How Reality Improves Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols"

3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern          Alan Brown  – “Break the Procrastination Curse with Brain Hacks"

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern          Rick Green – “Why I Started Taking ADHD Medication and Why I Stopped”

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern        Lynne Edris – “That First Step’s a Doozy! How to 'Just Get Started'”

12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern        Cindy Goldrich - "Give Kids a Break – and Then Get Them Back to Work!"

3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern          Dr. Billi Bittan – "When Nothing is Going Right, Go Within to Uplift and Shift Your Situation”

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern          Tara McGillicuddy – “The Power of Words and Thoughts for Success with ADHD.”

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern        Dr. Kari Miller – “Unleash Your Secret ADHD Memory Capacity”

12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern        Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster – “Where to Start When Parenting ADHD with Anxiety, Depression, and/or LD"

3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern          Caroline Maguire and Duane Gordon – “What ADDA and CHADD Can Do for You”

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern          Linda Roggli – “Those Wild and Crazy Hormones – the ADHD Connection”

Thursday, July 20, 2017

9am Pacific  / 12pm Eastern          Samantha Moe -"2 Pillars of Parenting for Peace at Home”

12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern           Terry Matlen - "Moms with ADHD: Tips and Tools for Surviving an ADHD Family"

3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern             Sarah Hammond and Robin Livingston-Richter - "What’s Weighing On You: ADHD & Eating Disorders"

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern             Laurie Dupar -"14 Life-Changing Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About ADHD"

Friday, July 21, 2017

9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern        Casey Dixon – “Use Mindfulness to Reset Your Autopilot and Stop Crashing”

12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern        Evan Kirstein – “Coming Out as ADHD!"

3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern         Roxanne Fouché – “It’s Not You – It’s Your Goals: Set Yourself Up for Success with ADHD-Friendly Goal Setting”

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern         Ann Shanahan and Gayle Sweeney - "Behind the Wheel with ADHD...For Parents"

What Other People Have Said about this Telesummit

Thank you for all the work you did to orchestrate the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit and make it the awesome experience that it was.  I really appreciate how you responded to my questions and resolved the technical issues about the Google search results and the first replay link.

The telesummit was, as I said, truly awesome.  The accomplished, engaging speakers provided powerful information that enriched my understanding of ADHD.  I was grateful to learn their clever success strategies relevant to real life.  I enjoyed their dialogue with Laurie, who was a really charming host.  As she examined the speakers' ideas, Laurie presented many gems of her own insight.

K.Y., 2016 Telesummit Listener

I just want to let you know that you have done a beautiful thing by putting on this Telesummit. The wealth of information, the sharing of experiences and expertise has been second to none. I had no intention of purchasing the Success Kit because I was going to keep up with listening to the presentations. However they have been so excellent that I don’t want to miss the bonuses, and I want to re-listen to some of the presentations. So hooray, I purchased the Success Kit. What a gift you have given us.

A.S., 2015 Telesummit Listener

Thank you also for the link to the telesummit! I can't say enough great stuff about it, all the calls have been amazing. I seriously cannot believe how much of what they say applies directly to me, and has for years. I can't think of anything I've heard that didn't make me think "Oh my gosh YES!" or " So glad I'm not the only one, I thought I was just crazy!" and "Oh THAT'S why I do that/am that way" etc, etc.  I have been having a rough time lately and to hear everything your feeling be explained in such a way is just ... I don't know, like a million pounds lifted off my shoulders. Or more like my brain really.

M.K., 2016 Telesummit Listener

 As I have listened to the speakers it has been like looking into a mirror. The sessions have helped me to see myself with new grace . . . not as a failure, but as a person who has for so many years done remarkably well. AND, I’ve been given hope – I CAN make the shifts necessary to continue to do well.

L.G., 2012 Telesummit Listener

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a telesummit?

A telesummit is much like a conference or seminar in which many authors, speakers and experts come together to share their knowledge. The difference is that it is done all by telephone and computer! When you register online, you get the dial in information (and weblink) so you can listen in from the comfort of your own home, work, car and even on vacation!

How is this free?

Because each of us are committed to delivering as much support as we can to members of the ADHD community, we’re inviting you to join us FREE of charge. No strings, no catch. You can listen to each of the calls FREE at the call time, and access the replays for 24 hours after the live call. We want everyone to succeed with ADHD!


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What if I can’t attend all of the calls?

We are recording each one of the calls and you will have access to the replays for 24 hours after the live call. You can listen to them as many times as you want via the computer for 24 hours. And there is always the ADHD Success Kit where you can purchase the recordings to listen to whenever you like!


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