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June 22nd – 26th, 2020


Life With ADHD Doesn’t Have

To Be So Hard.

In this FREE Virtual Summit, we’ve brought together the top ADHD experts to give you the answers you need to feel capable, confident and thriving with your ADHD!

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Over the course of 5 days, you’ll learn about ADHD and YOUR…


Clear Mental Clutter
Understand Your Sensory Distractions
Appreciate the High Cost of Shame
Increase Self-Esteem



Improve Your Sleep
Curb Your Sugar Cravings
Nutritional Hacks to Manage Your ADHD
Keto and the ADHD Brain



Understand Your Child’s Behavior Better
Meet the Needs of  Yourself and Your Partner
Easily Parent Complex Kids
ADHD & Community


Uncover Your Essential Purpose
ADHD and Entrepreneurship
Improve Your Focus & Productivity
Finally Finish Projects


Your Host

Laurie Dupar

Hi, Laurie Dupar here, and trust me when I say that I get what it’s like living with ADHD! When my son was diagnosed with ADHD 20 years ago, I didn’t know where to turn. Then I found ADHD coaching and a community of support.

I can definitely say our ADHD family’s success was connecting with others who had been there. The sharing of ideas, along with focusing on strengths and strategies are what made the difference between surviving and thriving with ADHD.

Now, two decades later, I am combining my experience as a Nurse Practitioner with my passion for increasing the awareness of ADHD through coaching. I still coach a few people privately, and 5 years ago opened the International ADHD Coach Training Center ( to train others to become Certified ADHD Life Coaches.

And for the 10th year in a row, I am hosting the Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit to provide YOU with the best experts and resources on ADHD I can gather.

I want to thank both the presenters and our sponsors who make this Virtual Summit possible. Together they provide an incredible diversity of resources and I know you will enjoy getting to know them.

See you June 22nd! Until then, stay amazing!

Your Needs Are Unique,

Which is Why Our Speakers Are Too!

For the 10th Anniversary Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit, we’ve includued experts in Pediatric Neurology, an ADHD Comedian, ADHD Life Coaches, Organizational Psychologists, a Reiki Master, Nutritionists, a Clinical Psychologist and more …

Monday June 22, 2020

*Click on a speaker for more info

Alan P. Brown

Clear the Mental Clutter by Capturing and Storing ALL Your Ideas & Reminders


Parenting Complex Kids in Complex Times

Shell Mendelson

5 Steps to Bring What You Love to Do Home with ADHD

Terry Matlen

Women with ADHD: Why is My ADHD Getting Worse?

Bryan Wisda

ADHD and Functional Sound

Tuesday June 23, 2020

*Click on a speaker image below for more info

Linda Roggli

The High Cost of ADHD Shame (and What to Do about It)

Kelly Biltz

Preparing Parents for ADHD Adolescence

Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

Let’s Get “In Sync”! Fun and Functional Activities for Kids with ADHD and SPD

Casey Dixon

The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High Achiever with ADHD

Rick Green

5 Things I Stopped Doing That Helped Me Manage ADHD

Wednesday June 24, 2020

*Click on a speaker image below for more info

Tara McGillicuddy

The ADHD Psychic Connection

Melissa Orlov

The Just Right Relationship: Meeting the Needs of Both Partners

Leslie Josel

Strategic Study Skills: Smart Steps to Learn Effective Study Habits

Luz Jaramillo

How to Be Emotionally Fit with ADHD: The Key to Stop Relying on Willpower and Motivation to Win the Battle with Food.

Jeff Copper

Using Attention Exercises to Improve Focus

Thursday June 25, 2020

*Click on a speaker image below for more info

Samantha Moe

Beneath the Behaviors

Marcelle Clavette M.S.

My ADHD at Work: Where Do I Fit In?

Dr. Sarah Cheyette

The Making of Champions—What Neurobiology Teaches Us About How to Manage ADHD

Sharon MacPherson

Bacon is ADHD Brain Food

Dr. Sharon Saline

Doing the Tough Stuff: Improving Motivation and Reducing Procrastination

Friday June 26, 2020

*Click on a speaker image below for more info

Eric Tivers

Positive Benefit of Community & ADHD

Terry Bateman

The 10% Solution: Simple Things That Create Change

Dana Rayburn

Finishing Projects ADHD Style

Tyler Dorsey

Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall to See What Sticks: Entrepreneurs with ADHD

Your Host: Laurie Dupar

Discover Your Core Values and Understand Your Essential Purpose

Plus You Get a FREE ADHD Swag Bag With Special Gifts

E-Book: The AI Guide to Your ADHD Brain

Gifted by: Dr. Gillian Hayes of Bright Shiny Coaching

What on earth does artificial intelligence have to do with ADHD? Well, if you have to figure out how to make robots behave intelligently, you can figure out what it takes to make your ADHD brain work too! You’ll understand your own natural intelligence better.

Cathy Goett

Audio Series: On the Right ADHD Trail Survival Backpack

Gifted by: Cathy Goett of Goett Focused

Get instant access to the audios from the 2018 On the Right ADHD Trail summit hosted by Cathy Goett to learn more about ADHD and boredom, relationships, brain hacks and strategies.

Quiz: What’s Your Biggest ADHD Challenge

Gifted by: Kelly Biltz from Loving GrADDitude

You have ADHD which comes with some amazing gifts and also some incredible challenges. And there are a number of strategies you can use to help you overcome them.  But which is your BIGGEST ADHD challenge? Which one do you need to focus on first?

E-Book: The Habit of Self-Doubt: Crush it & Build Real Confidence 

Gifted by: Carlene Bauwens of Coach Carlene 

Exhausted by how often you hesitate, second-guess, question or doubt your worth? Imagine if you DID the things you wanted to do.

Carlene shares two popular confidence building MYTHS and why they don’t work and teaches you the ONE thing you need to do to build real confidence.

Class: Diving Into Your ADHD Kiddo’s Brain

Gifted by: Tyler Dorsey of Focus Forward

This class will help you to dive into your ADHD child’s brain to gain a different perspective of what is going on in there… Hint: You are going to find a lot of jumbled up unorganized yet brilliant thoughts!

Tyler has experience being the ADHD kiddo her parents didn’t understand. So, she is here to help YOU take one step toward understanding your kiddo a little better!

Video Series: The Productivity Accelerator: Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Time, Energy and Sanity

Gifted by: Alan P. Brown of ADD Crusher

Are you in total control of your time every day? Do you get everything done each day that you hoped to get done? At the end of the day, do you feel like, “Ya, I put in the work, and I moved my important tasks forward.” If not, you’ll want this!

Alan shares foolproof hacks to help you take control of your day so you can get more done, in less time with less stress. He’ll show you the secrets to beating procrastination and running your day like the top performer you know you can be!

Guide: The ADHD Energy Shift Guide

Gifted by: Tara McGillicuddy of

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Stuck? Frustrated? The ADHD Energy Shift Guide has the resources to help you shift your energy and bring more peace, focus, clarity and success into your life.

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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit is much like a conference or seminar in which many authors, speakers and experts come together to share their knowledge. The difference is that it is done virtually so as long as you have wifi or internet access, you can tune in!

How is this FREE?

Each of the presenters are specifically chosen because they are committed to delivering as much support as possible to members of the ADHD community. Each day you will have access to five of the unique topics, complimentary for 24 hours. The presentations will be replaced every 24 hours with a new set of speakers and topics. If you’re worried you need more time to listen in … no problem, you can purchase the ADHD Success Kit and listen to the recordings over and over again! 

How can I be a presenter or speaker on the Succeed with ADHD Summit?

Great question! We’re glad you asked!

Planning for our next summit begins early.

We invite you to indicate your interest in being a guest, or recommending a particular speaker on next year’s virtual summit by clicking here.

We aim for a wide variety of ADHD related topics, especially those underrepresented topics, such as:

* Men and ADHD

* Seniors and ADHD

* Racial Diversity and ADHD 

* Cultural diversity and the impact on ADHD

* Genetic link in families and ADHD

* ADHD and substance use

*Early intervention and ADHD

* Young ADHD families pre-diagnosis

*ADHD and the pandemic

What if I miss the experts on their day?

You will have access to the sessions as they are released for 24 hours starting at 8am Pacific. You can listen to them as many times as you want, in whatever order you want, within that 24 hours. If you are not able to listen to all of them or want to be able to listen to all this great information beyond this week, you can purchase the ADHD Success Kit and have unlimited access to all the video recordings. 


How long is each video?

Each of the calls are approximately 30 minutes long. This make it easy for you to listen to all of them during the 24 of complimentary listening when they are available!

I Need More Help!

How do I register?

You only need to sign up once with your name and email address. 

I'm not getting the emails.

Please check your spam, trash, promotional or update folders and make sure to whitelist Emails go out when you register and the morning of each day of the event. 

I want more time to watch.

Awesome! Just purchase the ADHD Success Kit and you can have unlimited access!


I can't find the speaker I want to see.

Simply CLICK HERE to find the schedule of the speakers for each day! Once you sign up, we will send you the links to find those videos each day at 8am Pacific.

Got Another Question?

Terrific! Simply email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

“As an adult with ADHD, I struggle with time management and organizing my day to meet deadlines and complete reports that others appear to be able to without effort. Hearing the speakers share their stories helps to break down the wall of shame and frustration I feel on a daily basis. Thank you!”

“Sending much appreciation for putting together this telesummit on ADHD. I am glad I found it in my google search for more information on managing ADHD. Just listening and connecting with the speakers, as it seems many of them also have ADHD. Hearing and seeing all those same symptoms that block me are shared and experienced by others. It was heartwarming to know that people with ADHD have found success and happiness.

“Thank you for this excellent summit. I received a late diagnosis at age 52 and am rebuilding my life. I am grateful to gain what tools and insight I can to improve my life now that I know what I am  and understand how that interweaves with who I am.”

“I have enjoyed the ADHD telesummit for two years now. First, the telesummit gives me great hope and encouragement, and reminds me that I’m not alone, and I’m not defective. The speakers provide so much knowledge on a wide variety of topics related to ADHD. I learn new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, and new ways of living. I really treasure all I’ve learned through the telesummit, and am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in it. Thank you so much.”

“THANK YOU Laurie for a GREAT Telesummit! I was SO glad I had the chance to catch most if it! The 30 min sessions made it so doable. Telesummits like this are so helpful for those of us who deal with the daily struggles of having ADHD. Having  support  and advice from experts in the field who often speak from personal experience is a gift. To get that support and advice from people in my own tribe is invaluable. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!”

“Just do this. You need help. Help is here. It’s free, smart, fast and fun. You’ve tried to do this all on your own, or at least thought about it. You know you did. These speakers know where you are at. Most have been there, or know someone who has. This will change your life forever. Listen, learn, laugh and apply. You can do that, can’t you?”

“Thank you for this. I wanted to let you know how wonderful you were hosting the ADHD Telesummit. It takes a lot of energy to host all week! These events are so incredibly helpful and life-changing. It’s making a difference, not only in the information we are receiving, but from and emotional perspective. It’s amazing to hear professionals with ADHD succeeding in the world talk about ADHD in real life. Thanks for what you are doing!”

“Greetings from Tehran! I cannot thank you enough for the highly productive and enlightening content provided in this telesummit. In the era we live, nothing is more appreciable than the work of those who burn candles; extend the light across geographies; enliven hope; and plant the seeds of empowerment.” 

Presented by

Laurie Dupar

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