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What’s the ADHD Success Kit?

The ADHD Success Kit includes all the videos + audios from the week long 2020 Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit + cool bonuses created just for you from our speakers and sponsors.

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But wait…we said something about bonuses, didn’t we? Yes! In addition to the videos + audios, you also get super cool amazing bonuses – see below – from each of the speakers. PLUS you will receive a specially created Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit Guide designed to help you follow along to each of the interviews, organize your thoughts and action steps, and document the key information and strategies you learn during each of the presentations.

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10th Anniversary Succeed with ADHD Virtual Summit Guide

A special gift for YOU from Laurie Dupar when you purchase the ADHD Success Kit – a guide to each of the talks to help you follow along, pay attention and stay focused, and take notes on the strategies and brilliance shared by the ADHD experts. We want to make it so much easier to follow along!

The 5 Enemies of Getting Prioritized Cheatsheet

From Alan P. Brown

Working hard but not getting the right things done? Use this cheat sheet to understand the 5 Enemies of Prioritization — and how to overcome them!

ADHD Lullaby

From Bryan Wisda

Complimentary digital download of Bryan Wisda’s album ADHD Lullaby™ Music to help ADHD children to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up

From Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

E-Book on Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder in the adolescent and young adult years

Body-Mind Meditation Technique

From Terry Bateman

With this bonus gift you will be taught acupressure points on the face, hand and upper body that stimulate an awareness of, and a focus upon, an intention.  Then you will be guided through a transformational meditation which combines that technique with a breathe and visualization exercise.

Clutter Crusher Toolkit

From Terry Matlen 

This ADHD eWorkbook will take you through your home — room by room, pile by pile — with simple, workable, ADHD-friendly solutions so you can manage your rooms and clutter.

Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall to See What Sticks: Entrepreneurs with ADHD

From Tyler Dorsey

This is a short ebook where Tyler Dorsey shares her experience as an entrepreneur with ADHD and the struggles those with ADHD face while growing their business. This ebook will help you to better understand obstacles ADHD business owners face and provide you with strategies to overcome those obstacles.

Tips for Complex Kids

From ImpactADHD

One of ImpactADHD’s most popular tip sheets that will help you discover the peace that comes with confident parenting. The secret’s out: complex kids do NOT have to be such a challenge anymore! Explore proven methods for turning chaos into calm.

If Only You Understood Attention (Video)

From Jeff Copper

Jeff Copper reveals the secret to managing attention in this 30-minute video that lets you experience the anatomy of attention and learn the fundamentals to manufacture your own ADHD Aha!

To Tell Or Not To Tell: Disclosing Your ADHD

From Rick Green

Disclosing ADHD is tricky and fraught with risk: Who should you tell? Who shouldn’t be told? And how much should you say? Who should never be told?

How To Take Notes…The Correct Way

From Leslie Josel

Learn different note taking techniques so you leave class with notes you actually understand. Also learn how to pick up clues from your textbooks to make note-taking easy and efficient. Real examples reviewed.

ADHD and Work Culture: An Inclusive Guide

From Marcelle Clavette, M.S.

Understand work culture and how to harmonize with your ADHD. Marcelle Clavette’s guide includes four hands-on exercises to explore and personalize.

Five Proven Steps to Control Overeating

From Luz Jaramillo

This E-book will give you the science-based proven steps to overcome issues with food.

Beneath the Behaviors

From Samantha Moe

Beneath the Behaviors: 11 Reasons Emotionally Intense Kids Act Out. 

How to Talk About Your Emotions

From Melissa Orlov

Even those who think they are allergic to sharing their emotions can do so with the help of this very easy exercise and emotions list.

Keto Spice Blend Recipes

From Sharon MacPherson

Sharon MacPherson’s exclusive spice blend recipes will help you keep the flavors you love in your new keto lifestyle.

5 Tips to Get Stuff DONE!

From Dr. Sharon Saline

Get this guideline of 5 steps to increase your motivation and help you follow through on getting stuff done.

Ask me Anything | The ADHD Psychic Connection

From Tara McGillicuddy

Questions about the ADHD Psychic Connection? Tara McGillicuddy will be taking questions exclusively from the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit attendees who upgrade to the ADHD Success Kit. The questions will be answered in the ADHD Psychic Guide which will be available on July 13, 2020 to everybody who has signed up for this bonus. The ADHD Psychic Guide will include an on-demand webinar and downloadable PDF.

Coming Soon

From Linda Roggli

7 Essential Steps to Create Lasting Career Change with ADHD

From Shell Mendelson

Learn the 7 essential steps and knowledge necessary to creating a lasting career change. 

Move from Unfocused to Focused Thinking

From Sarah Chayette

People with ADHD often think in an unfocused way too much of the time. To move from unfocused to focused thinking, you need to think about what makes you INTEND to focus.

What to Expect with ADHD and Adolescence

From Kelly Biltz

Parenting an ADHD child is not for the faint of heart! New challenges pop up at every stage so you want to be ready to tackle the ones that come with adolescence!

The Mysterious Paradox of Being a High Achiever with ADHD

From Casey Dixon

In this downloadable eBook (workbooklet!), explore the four characteristics shared by high achievers with ADHD.

Finish Projects with ADHD

From Dana Rayburn

5 step guide to help you prepare for projects so you’re able to finish them!

Agile Planning at a Glance

From Eric Tivers 

A snapshot of how to plan your day and your life all in one page along with audio recording explanation. 

Life Purpose Workbook

From Your Host: Laurie Dupar

Easy to use workbook to help you discover your core values, identify your priorities, and clarify your essential life’s purpose.

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