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Video Series: The Productivity Accelerator: Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Time, Energy and Sanity

Gifted by: Alan P. Brown of ADD Crusher

Are you in total control of your time every day? Do you get everything done each day that you hoped to get done? At the end of the day, do you feel like, “Ya, I put in the work, and I moved my important tasks forward.” If not, you’ll want this!

Alan shares foolproof hacks to help you take control of your day so you can get more done, in less time with less stress. He’ll show you the secrets to beating procrastination and running your day like the top performer you know you can be!

Quiz: What’s Your Biggest ADHD Challenge

Gifted by: Kelly Biltz from Loving GrADDitude

You have ADHD which comes with some amazing gifts and also some incredible challenges. And there are a number of strategies you can use to help you overcome them.  But which is your BIGGEST ADHD challenge? Which one do you need to focus on first?

Class: Diving Into Your ADHD Kiddo’s Brain

Gifted by: Tyler Dorsey of Focus Forward

This class will help you to dive into your ADHD child’s brain to gain a different perspective of what is going on in there… Hint: You are going to find a lot of jumbled up unorganized yet brilliant thoughts!

Tyler has experience being the ADHD kiddo her parents didn’t understand. So, she is here to help YOU take one step toward understanding your kiddo a little better!

E-Book: The Habit of Self-Doubt: Crush it & Build Real Confidence 

Gifted by: Carlene Bauwens of Coach Carlene Bauwens

Exhausted by how often you hesitate, second-guess, question or doubt your worth? Imagine if you DID the things you wanted to do.

Carlene shares two popular confidence building MYTHS and why they don’t work and teaches you the ONE thing you need to do to build real confidence.

Cathy Goett

Audio Series: On the Right ADHD Trail Survival Backpack

Gifted by: Cathy Goett of Goett Focused

Get instant access to the audios from the 2018 On the Right ADHD Trail summit hosted by Cathy Goett to learn more about ADHD and boredom, relationships, brain hacks and strategies.

E-Book: The AI Guide to Your ADHD Brain

Gifted by: Dr. Gillian Hayes of Bright Shiny Coaching

What on earth does artificial intelligence have to do with ADHD? Well, if you have to figure out how to make robots behave intelligently, you can figure out what it takes to make your ADHD brain work too! You’ll understand your own natural intelligence better.

Guide: The ADHD Energy Shift Guide

Gifted by: Tara McGillicuddy of

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Stuck? Frustrated? The ADHD Energy Shift Guide has the resources to help you shift your energy and bring more peace, focus, clarity and success into your life.

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